Website Refresh!


Figured the ‘ol site could use a bit of tidying for the new year.

First, I got rid of the “Stories” section, which frustratingly displayed only the covers from two short stories I did years ago. In it’s place is the new COMICS! section — a one stop shop for all the sweet comics I’ll be making.

I changed the “Scribbles” page, to be more appropriately¬†titled “Illustration”, and updated it with art from 2012.

Finally, I got rid of the¬†mysterious “Stuff” page, and replaced it with a nice page telling a little bit about me.

Other changes:
– Added some columns of foliage! Ain’t that purty!
– Added a contact form!
– Added a “Currently Reading” widget, revealing my current influences!
– Added a “Art Work 2013” widget, in which I’ll post how many hours I’ve spent each week drawing, writing, updating — anything directly related to becoming an Artist with a capital A!
– Added a Email Subscription option! Get notified of new posts via email!


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