Bunch ‘o Words


“So what’s the deally-o Dally-o? Not going to tell us about your Vagrant Adventure?”

It’s true, I’ve been protective of my homelessness experience. I’ve shared some details with a very few people, but have been careful with what I give away, and when asked, usually speak in generalities like: “It was powerful. I met the people I needed to meet, saw what I needed to see, and had the insights I needed to have.” If I feel like a mischievous imp, I simply say: “You’ll have to buy the book.”

It’s not that I’m trying to be a mysterious dick, it just that when an experience is precious and profound, you’re not wanting to give it away. I feel like the magical quality of the trip would diminish if I tried to portray it with words. It would be a shadow of the real thing, and the more I’d talk about it, the more I’d believe the words and forget the experience. I found this to be true with Vipassana. I came out of Vipassana “high” and wanting to share it with everyone, but the more I tried to explain the transcendent, the more it became words. Flat, dead,┬árational,┬ácategorical, words.

If I were a William Blake or a Rumi, I could get you close the the actual thing with words, but even their poetry isn’t the thing itself. The thing itself is always beyond words. If you want to know the thing, then go do the thing!

Honestly, I’m still processing the experience and expect it will take a while. The Vagrant Adventure is like a gold mine to visit when I need material for this book or understanding about life in general. I’m excited to explore expression via the unique combination of art and words.

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