3 thoughts on “Cheer Up, Mr. Mug!”

  1. Awesome!! Thanks for cluing us in Dallion. Can’t wait to see more, I have a fondness for mugs!

    My Grandmother wants me to write a children’s book about ‘Grumble Bug” a character she made up. She is an artist herself. We’ll see if I get around to that, probably not ;)

    Tons of kudos to you as usual, you are an amazing man! Think of you from time to time. Take care! Do share!

  2. Love this Dallion!
    Brings back memories of the sixties and the ninety-ninth reading of “Green Eggs and Ham”
    to our little munchkins. Uncle Dick wanted to pull his hair out!
    Sign me up for a dozen pre-orders.
    Love, Aunt G

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