2 thoughts on “Autumn Poem”

  1. Some days I’m all for it–refusing heaven and reveling in this profound earthiness instead. Then all of a sudden I’m stuck in a mud pit and wallowing instead of reveling, and wondering if it’s too late to reverse the bargain.

    There’s a school of theology that says when Christ declares the kingdom is at hand, he means here, now, on earth, but incomplete. If that’s the case, maybe the only way to gain heaven is by first refuting the illusion that there’s some perfect happiness that comes to us unbidden. Instead we must accept that the promised land is all around us, inside broken buildings and underneath decaying leaves, just waiting to be cleared off and admired.

    By the way–thank you. You are a good one, Dallion. I initially stopped by because I wanted to a colorful cartoon that would cheer me up after a rough week, but this dose of perspective turned out to be just what I *actually* needed.

  2. I really like that interpretation of “the kingdom is at hand”. It feels more right to me than a date on the calendar.

    So glad you visited and found what you needed. *I* found what I needed in that book you gave me! It’s inspired me to write poetry again. Thanks Nancy. :)

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