Future Unknown


A while back I was in Powell’s Books in Portland, and got to peruse their extensive children’s books section. I was astounded at the quality of some of these books, and couldn’t help but bring a few home.

No word from the agent I submit Neat Birds to, and I can only assume it was denied. It was unrealistic to expect that the first agency I queried would pick up my first manuscript. Many authors submit to dozens of agents and publishers before they get signed (IF they get signed).

So my options now are: continue pitching this script, self-publish, or move on to another project. While I think Neat Birds is fun and many kids and adults would enjoy it, I also know it doesn’t compete among the top tier of picture books, and I’m therefore hesitant to push it with all my hope-and-dream-energy.  Increasingly, I’m seeing Neat Birds as an valuable learning experience — a rung to help get me to that top tier of visual storytelling. That said, more could be learned, so I may work on it occasionally and eventually self-publish.future_unknownIn the short term, I’d like to finish a coloring book I’ve been drawing, with the hopes of unveiling it at Oregon Country Fair in July. With the warm weather comes my Season of Action, so art may take a back seat for a while, but I hope to continue drawing and updating the ‘ol blog when I can. Happy summer!

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