New Goals

Working on this Graphic Novel has been a huge learning experience. In the beginning I proceeded as if the pages I worked on would appear in the book “as-is” — meaning, I thought when I completed a page, it was more or less done. This had the effect of slowing the process, because I wanted to get each drawing “right”. I proceeded in this fashion right up until page 50, when I realized all those early pages would have to redone since my style had matured — and also because there were inevitably trouble spots which needed to be refined. So all that time spent trying to get each line just so… well… I don’t want to call it a waste because I was learning… but it wasn’t exactly the most effective use of time, either.

I’m now on page 73, and for the last 23 pages I’ve just been plowing ahead with “penciling”, leaving the “inking” for later. This is what a penciled page looks like:


Although this may look rough, having coaxed the scene from my mind, figured out the panels, angles, bodies and general composition, most the job is done. I’d say the penciling represents 70% of the work.

At the end of May I plan on going to Southern California for my little brother’s high school graduation, so this is my new goal: Have the first draft done and ready to show to family for feedback and criticism.

This means by May 23rd I’ll need to:

– Pencil approximately 40 more pages.
– Write approximately 10 pages of prose which will intermittently accompany the wordless illustrations.
– Revise the first few chapter’s “trouble spots”, ie: areas where people are having difficulty “reading” the wordless action.
– Print and bind the draft in a presentable package.

Once I elicit feedback and discover any additional “trouble areas”, I can edit and begin the final artwork.

My main goal is to finish this book by autumn. I like how this book is turning out, but I refuse to work on it for another winter… and that’s motivating me!

4 thoughts on “New Goals”

  1. Yeah!! can’t wait to see you in May. You are finding your way and as we all know the journey is as important as the arrival.
    Now that “Peanuts” is being re-run on the comic pages, one can easily see how Schultz’s style “matured” over the years.
    Love you, Aunt G

  2. Last night I watched the full moon light reflect on the gently flowing river. After sitting there a while, I heard huge splashes in the water close by. Af first I thought it was someone on the other bank hurling large stones into the current. But as I watched, I saw little heads cutting through the water, followed by huge splashes. It was two beavers gliding around, slapping their tails on the water! I had never seen a beaver in the wild, and had no idea they did such a thing! It was totally magical.

    It really is about the journey. Last night I realized I’m living exactly the life I want to; I can’t think of anyplace else I’d rather be.

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