Prepared for the Best


This comic may be a little premature — apparently winter doesn’t begin until December 21st. But for me, the year is composed of two meta-seasons: the Season of Action, and the Season of… I dunno… Slowness?

The comic above has actually been revised from the first version. Last year, my comics were an outlet to bemoan and emotionally purge. This winter, I refuse to be absorbed in discontent. For someone as blessed as I’ve been, complaining is, at the least, tawdry and tasteless.

Wishing you a happy and warm winter, dear readers.

3 thoughts on “Prepared for the Best”

  1. Not complaining but it will be 90* here in Palm Desert tomorrow.
    Kind of miss the winter, you make it look so cozy!
    Stay happy, Aunt G

  2. Thanks auntie. Ninety degrees! Yowsaa! T-Shirt weather year-round is nice, but I like the variety which seasons offer and am learning to love them equally. Be well!

  3. “Convention” is confused. Dec 21 (the Solstice) marks midwinter, the day when the night is longest. Then the days start getting longer again until Spring. Technically / traditionally, the first day of winter is Oct 31/Nov 1 (Celtic calendar) or Nov 7/8 (East Asian calendars). (Technically / traditionally, the first day of Spring is February 2 (Feb 4/5).)

    Also: it’s Cold! Palm Springs excepted, it’s been _cold_. This comic is not premature.

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