Portlandia, Part 6


If a three day visit to Portland helped confirm life choices, this upcoming week-long trip to Los Angeles will only nail the point home. Have mercy!

2 thoughts on “Portlandia, Part 6”

  1. I love this happy ending!! It’s not the kind we see enough.

    Pretty sure you’re gonna be required to go full-on Mountain Man in Los Angeles. Keep lots of leaves and twigs in your beard. Adopt grunting as your native language. When someone mentions any kind of social media, narrow your eyes, stare, and say nothing for as long as they dare hold your gaze.

  2. Hahah! Yes. When choosing which shoes to accompany me to LA, it came down to tennis shoes and my old beat up hiking boots, ugly and worn from long miles on the trail. You know which I brought. :)

    Glad you like the ending. It feels a little rushed, but it’s time to get on with new adventures.

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