Newly Printed Mini-Comics!


Comics and prints are now for sale in my new ONLINE SUPERMARKET!

Catharsis Comics is a collection of humorous and heartfelt comics relating to love, sex, and being single — including a chapter from my now defunked graphic novel!

BIRTH/DEATH poses the question: What if your strongest desire at the time of death determined your next life? Take a spin through time and space in this multi-life karmic adventure.

You can get both these nicely-printed comics for only $9, plus shipping.

There’s also my popular “Be the Love You Want to Find” print for only $3.

Not only are these enjoyable to look at, but they make nice gifts. Thank you for supporting my art!

Meditation Time

Tomorrow I begin sitting my third 10-day silent mediation course. It’s extremely uncomfortable in all ways imaginable, but afterwards the sense of empowerment and peace make it all worth while. It’s sort of like pressing the reset button on your brain.


I’ll be there for the full moon, the equinox, and my birthday. Should be a powerful time. Wish me luck!



Here are five comics I made last January – May, in a series tentatively titled “Haunted”. They appeared in a local publication, but for one reason or another, I haven’t got around to posting them online ’til now. They say to be a successful artist you must be an adept self-promoter. I say Blah.

I hope you enjoy these sillies.

Hello again.

Gosh, the ‘ol website has been down for nearly nine months — the longest hiatus since I started the blog back in 2009. I guess I’ve felt like I’ve needed some space from self-promotion. It’s been nice to draw all these months without catering to an audience. I’ve also had a lot going on in my personal life, and as always, I’ve been evaluating what’s important and what to prioritize.

I used to think becoming a successful artist (whatever that means) was of upmost importance; the only goal worth pursing. With age, I’ve mellowed, and I find more and more value in outdoor activities, and being a good friend and community member.

Speaking of which: for the past year, I’ve been involved in a group trying to get classrooms built for our rural school, thus freeing up our community building. I won’t explain the whole project here, but it’s been important to me, so I thought I’d share it, and offer you the chance to contribute if you feel moved. We have an IndieGoGo campaign running now where you can learn more about it and see my first attempt at filmmaking!

I’ll try to get back in the habit of posting art here regularly. Here’s a recent comic I posted on FB, prompted by the Caitlyn Jenner thing.


Projects at the Print Shop

Progress on my new graphic novel has been coming along, but before I totally depart into that fertile land, I’ve been diligently transforming past projects into tangible tokens. I’d like to announce the forthcoming release of two mini-comics — one, a collection of romantically themed break-up comics, and the other a self-contained, short, experimental story. I’ll release more info on these soon, but in the meantime, here’s the covers:



I’m really happy with how these came out, particularly the cover for Catharsis Comics. If I saw it at a convention or comics shop, I would be be intrigued and want a closer look.

These mini-comics represent my first foray into self-publishing, and I’ve definitely learned a lot — namely, how time consuming it is! Just formatting the files for the printer was a huge task requiring making little prototype books using scissors and glue sticks, then dismantling it to see what page each piece gets printed on (it’s not a linear process like you might think). Not including time spent creating the content, it probably took an additional 40 hours to create the covers, layout the books, and prepare the files for the print shop.


When these are printed I’ll be collating and staple-binding them myself — another time consuming task. All told, from this printing, I’ll have 60 copies of BIRTH/DEATH and 70 copies of Catharsis Comics. With the $260 spent on paper, printing, and supplies, if I sell these for $5 each, I’ll be lucky to make $1/hr for the time I’ve spent producing these comics. Clearly, I’m not in it for the money. I see these books as a sort of business card; you lose money having business cards printed, but hopefully, they go out into the world and bring back the goodness.