In the Service of Good

There’s a bill in congress which will restructure how Oregon’s BLM and Forest Service land is managed, and some are calling it a giveaway to lumber corporations. The bill will remove environmental protections and allow “old growth” to be defined by an unelected panel. If it passes, there will more clear cuts and herbicide sprays. The land right outside my door is at risk.


Outraged by this money driven system, I was inspired to get political and use my talent to help sway public opinion. Our congressman, Peter DeFazio, will be holding a town hall meeting locally, and with logging supporters pledging to show up in full force, it’s sure to be a fiery assembly. I plan to distribute these flyers broadly and enjoy the show.

5 thoughts on “In the Service of Good”

  1. WOW, Dallion, REALLY well-done and important work — that is INFURIATING news, and I hope that you, your community, and all other concerned citizens can help do what needs to be done to stop this bill.

    Those of us reading from elsewhere — let us know how/if we can help, too!!

  2. Dal, I feel the passion in your work, I am sure you will be a strong influence with the distribution of your flyer. Hope there is a good turn-out for your side.

  3. Good for you Dallion! I back you the FUCK up! Gah! Perfect depiction here, what a creative way to support the land. Hell yes. Best of luck to you at the meeting–there will be plenty of people on your side Dallion.

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