5 thoughts on “Happy Equinox!”

  1. What lovely imagery/symbols, Dallion! I love how the greenery is enthusiastically “springing” about and how the soft squiggles on the snow make winter seem defeated, resigned. Even the solid block of ice looks infirm. You have such skill with showing emotion & personality in your drawing.

    1. A buddy of mine gave me 1 1/2 pounds of red worm with about 5 pounds of active bedding. He raises them for composting so he feeds them vegtable scrapes. I want to rasie them for fishing bait, so I was going start feeding them Purina Worm Chow. I was wondering if it would be okay to change there food to the Purina after they have been raised on vegtable scarpes? Also being that the Purina is a dry food would I need to mist it with water or cover it with moist shredded news paper or both? How would go about changing food and feeding them the worm chew?Thanks in advence, Shawn

    2. Yay, me. I remembered that Fenster is window before I saw the translation. My grandmother would be proud of me. I am abjectly ashamed of the fact that I remember so little of the German she tried to teach me.Also, the sentence you illustrated with reminded me of how Grandma, even after decades of living in the US and speaking English most of the time, still used German syntax most of the time. "Make the window closed" or "Make the light out" were grammatical constructions that I grew up with and still love today.Elaine

    3. Yes Linda., it is. IBI is like council tax in the UK, so is a tax on your property and is collected by the council responsible for where you own. Whereas non residents income tax is a tax on you personally, and is collected by the tax office ( Hacienda)

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