Girl Power! Part Two

A few months ago I blogged about my new favorite artists, all girls (possibly women). Well the trend has continued. I SWEAR TO GOD it has nothing to do with the fact they (presumably) have boobs. I don’t know why, but to me, the most exciting comic art out there is done by ladies. Maybe by the end of this post, you’ll agree.

Okay, geez, if you thought my art crush on Kate Beaton was bad, you should’ve seen my slack-jawed, eye-popped expression when I first stumbled upon Kelly Bastow’s website. In addition to fantastic illustrations, she has a wonderful selection of tiny-yet-powerful comics. kelly_bastow_1But her website only contains a fraction of her work — most of it is on her Tumblr. And now I will spam a bunch of her art because I love it. kelly_bastow_5 kelly_bastow_6 kelly_bastow_2 kelly_bastow_4 kelly_bastow_3 And that’s why I love her. Not only is her art a visual feast, but it comes from a deeply personal place, feels as honest as a confession, and has incredible emotional impact. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to the work of women. Not to discriminate against men or anything, but generally I think women are more emotionally sensitive. Emotion is what gets me off in comics. (she does the funny too)

Amazingly, Kelly is just a kid. All this talent has been self-developed, and only recently did she begin formal education (bet she’s the only kid in her art school with an agent). Tonight as I was drawing, I listened to Kelly doing her first podcast interview. She’s your stereotypical polite and demure Canadian, but during one part of the interview, she slipped and said something like, “… oh, one day when I’m rich and famous…”. To me, that’s all the more endearing. Magic people know they’re magic.

Next up we have the audacious Jess Fink. Jess is great because she’s proven you don’t have to be a boy to draw dirty pictures. And why hide those dirty drawings under your mattress when you can put them online and have a popular tale of “erotic robot romance”? Pro tip: don’t look at these unless you have some time on your hands.


Jess also has a graphic novel coming out next month about time traveling to aid her younger self. Great concept, right?


I follow her tumblr, and seeing her so excited to be holding a hard copy of her graphic novel, makes me tremendously happy and hopeful. Especially since she’s published by my publisher of choice. You can preview the first seven pages, and preorder here.

 Noelle Stevenson has a huge following, and recently won Slate magazine’s $1000 “best online comic” prize for her comic, Nimona. Another art school kid with an agent and a book deal. sigh.


And finally (because it’s getting late, and even being a fanboy gets old), there’s Stephanie Pepper. Take a look at her comic strip about a fruit cup, and you’ll be a fan too. Plus this: 


Girls be putting us out of business. Time to step up the game.

2 thoughts on “Girl Power! Part Two”

  1. Fantastic! Thank you for introducing me to all of these wonderful artists! I love this shit just haven’t found enough of it–I thought you were the only one Dallion! No, just kidding. But really this type of work is just phenomenal and isn’t on display enough at book stores and other places. I was first introduced to Maus which I devoured in a few hours, and then you and, yeah, I’d like to know more artists in this genre (and now I do!)

    Anyway–hey there’s room for you no need to be competitive. I like to think there’s no roof on art and creativity in this world. There’s room for everyone’s work :)

  2. Oh no no no… you can keep thinking I’m the only one. Really.

    Awww… who am I kidding. I’m still playing catch-up. If you’re into this stuff and would like to see the work of a Master, I recommend picking up Craig Thompson’s “Blankets” at your local library. It’s the book that switched me from children’s books to comics.

    We have a debt to pay for our literary and artistic heros. They’ve brought more people to the table and widened our potential audience. But to think the pie is unlimited is a little optimistic, no? Do you follow the blogs of every amateur author out there? As much as I dislike the idea, Art is hierarchy. Thankfully it’s persistence and talent, not money, that brings one to the top.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

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