The Saga Continues

It’s been nearly two months since the last blog entry — bad, even by my standards. But I have a really good excuse… really! I now live in Oregon, in a tent, in the wilderness. Well “tent” is a little harsh I suppose. It’s actually a yurt. And actually it’s quite comfortable. It has a nice kitchen, a decent bathroom, and a cozy wood stove that I plan to park my rear near all winter.

What the yurt DOESN’T have is internet access. It was hard at first, not having that constant stream of frothy information on tap. But once the nausea and tremors subsided, I found that it’s actually kinda nice not having internet as an option. Now, instead of turning to the screen with each free moment, I’m more likely to go for a walk, draw, or crack open a book. Of course, not having internet at home has its drawbacks too (being unable to find visual references, or update the blog), but for now it’s working. Time will tell if this is a real lifestyle change. In a moment of weakness I could easily see myself calling up the phone company and begging for a taste of the juice.

So life as been busy finding a home and moving, preparing for winter. It’s also my first time living with a partner, and Allison and I are discovering the joys and challenges of living together. Uncertainty about the future and the fate of my creative quest is often daunting, but I’ve found an encouraging book on that topic and feel good moving forward.

The drawing is coming along, I’m pushing my boundaries and refining my line further. I hope I can share some of it soon.

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  1. Wow, how idyllic! Your blog header is getting more and more representational of your current surroundings. Have a great winter of reading and discovery! And stay warm.

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