The Strange Things I Do(odle)

I’m posting less than I did last winter, but it doesn’t mean I’m drawing less. It seems like the modern artist/illustrator/writer/cartoonist must regularly post free material in order to keep people interested, but also have projects going on behind the scenes that can somehow be sold in packaged form. Artists got to eat too! (The writer & cartoonist, Allie Brosh, once posted all her material online for free, but then took an almost two year¬†hiatus while she gathered enough material for a book.)

The drawings below weren’t made as bait to keep people interested, nor as material for a book. They were drawn “just because”, and for that reason, may be the most “pure” of my work.

(Some can be clicked to enlarge… Hope you enjoy!)


cities_on_a_wave do-do-doodles






4 thoughts on “The Strange Things I Do(odle)”

  1. Don’t do it, Dallion, doooooooooooooooon’t do it!!

    Top half or full-nude is the only acceptable way, I’m SURE any of the lovely ladies here can back me up on this one (excluding, of course, your sweet relatives, for whom that’d just be awkward).

    If thy chest is covered, so must the rest be
    Where there is no shirt, let all be free!

    …That’s written somewhere. On a cave, I think, or in several well-known ruins through out the globe.

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