Dallion Goes Viral — Off To Stumptown Comics!

Tumblr is a great site for artists to find and show art. I created one a little while back, and have posted a few doodles there that haven’t made the Blog. Anyhow, when I posted the “Renewal” strip I did a little while back, I was pleasantly surprised to see it get over 100 likes and re-blogs from complete strangers! It’s not 3 million hits on YouTube or anything, but was my first piece of art to “go viral”, as the kids say, and it was super encouraging and a good omen for my next adventure…

STUMPTOWN COMICS! I should actually be packing right now instead of blogging, but I just wanted to share a little bit of my excitement about this coming action packed weekend. In addition to Stumptown being my first comics convention, I’ll also be CouchSurfing the first time, and my hosts sound really awesome. I’ll be meeting them tonight at a Food Not Bombs dinner in a city park. I really can’t imagine a better (re)introduction to Portland. I’ll be bringing my bike with me and will use it as my primary mode of transportation in this bicycle friendly city. I’m sure I’ll get my ass lost about 836 times, but it will be a blast nonetheless. In addition to the convention itself, there will be great panels and workshops, comic art gallery tours of the city, pre and post parties, and even an avant garde comics performance. It’s going to be nuts.

I’ll be bringing a few samples of my art, but really my main goal is to meet a lot of great people and learn more about The Biz. Wish me luck!


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