Bizarre Love Triangle

I finished the first chapter of my graphic novel and showed it to friends and family while visiting LA. Got a lot of good feedback and encouragement. The first chapter draft took approximately 159 hours to complete. With 4 more chapters to go, working at my current pace, I expect it will be ready for publication one year from now. Here’s a panel from page two. Ohhh! Mysterious!!

Each chapter will represent a season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and back to Winter. The story is told through pictures only, like a silent movie. The only words will be snippets of poetry which will open each chapter. I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but these are the main characters: a man, a woman, a wolf, embroiled in a time transcending love triangle. Yeah.

Coast to Coast & Back to Boast

I haven’t been updating the ol’ blog lately because I’ve been very busy traveling. In the past month, I’ve gone from Austin to Cape Cod, back to Texas, out to Los Angeles, and up to Oregon where I’ve finally settled back at Frog Farm. But settled I shan’t remain! Having won the SCBWI Ausin logo contest, I feel encouraged and ready for the next challenge. Cue the InteractBooks contest: Build the best interactive book using their software (InteractBuilder) for the iPad & iPhone by September 18th. First prize is an iPad 2 or $500, plus the customary 70% of sales through the App Store.

So I’m going to try and create a finished book in 49 days. It’s a tad daunting, but being on the farm has already inspired a story, and besides, I’m ready for a new challenge.

Read more about the InteractBooks contest:

Interview with an Illustrator

Something kinda exciting happened recently: I won a contest to design a logo for the Austin SCBWI’s (Society of Children’s Book Authors & Illustrators) fall conference on digital publishing. Everyone was pleased with the final image, and they wanted to interview me for their websites. Let me direct you to das interview!

The full interview
Interview excerpt

Christmas Leftovers

I started planning my Christmas cards nearly 3 weeks in advance, but a combination of procrastination and illness kept me from sending more than I did. If you didn’t get one, I’m sorry. Perhaps one day you’ll be surprised by a custom designed Labor Day card (which will feel good, because everyone’s lonely on Labor Day). Here are some cards I did send.

This one was for my Aunt, who spoiled me rotten last time I visited her. I wanted to thank her for all the great stuff she got me, so I drew a picture of me using all her gifts at the same time! Yes, that’s a juicer, new eye-glasses, an electric toothbrush, a warm fuzzy hat, and brazil nuts. She didn’t buy me the anarchy t-shirt.
This next card was for my dad and doubled as a coupon. I wanted to make him feel like he’d won a Wonka-esque prize when really I promised him a website long ago. He’s a musician, and this was my attempt to visualize how “plugged in” we are.
Lastly, this one was for my mom, whose Great Dane passed away this year. I always wanted to ride Jasper, and I thought baby Jesus probably would too. I hope baby Jesus has a sense of humor.
During this process I discovered how much I enjoy making art for people. Aimlessly doodling in my sketchbook is beneficial, but taking an idea from conception to completion, and then giving it as a gift… that’s a real joy.
Edit 1/16/11 – Props to my girlfriend, Allison, for the baby Jesus riding Jasper thing. I love stealing her ideas and pretending they were mine.

Long Term Investment

They’ve arrived. The limited edition 6 print run of The Artist Who Wouldn’t Give His Heart Away. I may be miserly with my heart but I’d like to be generous with my art. I’ll be giving 4 copies away to family, keep one copy for myself, and I dunno… sell the last remaining book?

If you’re interested send $28 in small unmarked bills to this address and in return you’ll receive a signed and numbered copy. If someone beats you to it I’ll send you a partial refund (partial ’cause you wasted my time, fool!) and a drawing chopped from my sketchbook, or maybe a whole page from my sketchbook, or maybe one of my eyelashes.