I haven’t done a sad, whiny, love comic in some time, and if there’s one occasion they’re allowed, it’s Valentines Day, right? They would put the Love holiday in the longest, most desolate month of the year, wouldn’t they, the bastards.


But I’m doing fine. Great, in fact. People on Tumblr liked this comic and it earned me some more followers, and tonight I’m having dinner with friends, and showing familial love in the meantime. Besides, it’s not like I always feel this way. The concept came quickly in a moment of passion, then passed, like all feelings do.

Wishing you a good V-Day.

PS: Added a few more faces to the gallery below…

One Year

(Click for larger image)

Of course this dream is total bullshit: the other night I went drinking at a bar with friends, and I can’t honestly say I’d be above having a one night stand. Unfortunately you don’t always control your dreams.

Doing this comic was an excellent artistic exercise though. I allowed the pen to move quickly and freely, letting it do what it wanted without too much editing. After getting loose with this I moved into a critical scene of the graphic novel and nailed it. It came out beautifully, partly because of this lame dream and subsequent comic. Lately I identify with the Alchemist archetype. Turning shit into gold.