Me in briefs.

In case you’re just tuning in, my name is Dallion and I’m 27 years old. A few years ago I quit my comfy job in Los Angeles and moved to Austin, TX to become a famous painter. Ridiculous right? Since then it has become apparent I’d make a better filthy rich children’s book author/illustrator instead. I’ve found my passion and want to be good at what I do. Real good.

So I have a long way to go.

I park cars in the meantime. Valet for a fancy restaurant downtown. I bring folks’ cars with a smile. A sincere one too. And even though I sometimes write in short sentences, I’m not bitter. There’s no reason to be bitter. Life is too short. At times I look upon my job with a certain romantic fondness. Like the other night. It was cold, rainy, no business, making $6 an hour, standing there for countless lonely hours, with only my sketchbook and stories to keep me warm. Sometimes it seems degrading being a pair of legs for some rich guy who doesn’t even tip, and sometimes I wonder if I won’t look back on these years as the best of my life.

So this is my story. The one about the underdog who diligently works on his craft while scraping out a living and enjoying the simple things in life. Eventually he becomes the best at what he does. Not very original, but it’s a feel good story, and who doesn’t like a feel good story?