I dunno if viewing motivational art helps, but making it does.

I’m trying to remember that there is no perfect (or said differently: everything’s perfect!)… so chill, dude. To keep moving is most important.

The Strange Things I Do(odle)

I’m posting less than I did last winter, but it doesn’t mean I’m drawing less. It seems like the modern artist/illustrator/writer/cartoonist must regularly post free material in order to keep people interested, but also have projects going on behind the scenes that can somehow be sold in packaged form. Artists got to eat too! (The writer & cartoonist, Allie Brosh, once posted all her material online for free, but then took an almost two year hiatus while she gathered enough material for a book.)

The drawings below weren’t made as bait to keep people interested, nor as material for a book. They were drawn “just because”, and for that reason, may be the most “pure” of my work.

(Some can be clicked to enlarge… Hope you enjoy!)


cities_on_a_wave do-do-doodles






The Happy Hermit


This has been my Facebook profile pic for a while, but I like it and thought I’d share it here too.

There’s a graphic novel concept that’s been with me for years which I look forward to starting this Spring. In the meantime I’ve been experimenting with some medium length projects, which potentially could be published in a comics magazine/anthology.

Three Paintings

Summer busyness has reduced the frequency of blog updates, but I’m still drawing! There is a backlog of art to post, so I’ll start with these.




When sitting to draw with no purpose in mind, I just start doodling. When a scribble intrigues me, I’ll work it up to a more finished form. These were each finished in a single drawing session, averaging two hours. I’m guessing each reflects my mood during their creation.