Photo Journal: Arizona is Contagious!

I saw this in the calendar section of the Austin Chronicle and thought it sounded fun. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned protest to get the blood pumping.

When I arrived, the forces were gathering. The pro-SB1070 crowd, though colorfully dressed, were meager in number. There were almost as many “counter-protesters”.

When the guardians of freedom, apple pie, and all things American began assaulting the air with country-western music, the counter-protesters knew it was time for business. Up the drive of the Capitol Building they marched.

Slurring racism and demanding justice, they pressed forward…

…undeterred by screaming harpies…

…or kindly old gentlemen shouting “GO HOME WETBACKS!”

Luckily, State Troopers we able to maintain the peace.

Noisy, noisy peace.

The officers didn’t bother with riot gear. It was a warm day and besides, this is Texas.

Amazingly, I didn’t see any signs bearing swastikas! When did protest signs become reasoned?

All in all, it was a good time had by everyone. They say Democracy is messy…

…but it’s still the best we got.

Dan Piraro: Bizarro

Dan Piraro’s work simultaneously inspires and makes me want to chuck all my pens into the garbage. It was comforting to learn that he’s been syndicated (ie: 7 comics a week) for 25 YEARS! That’s a lot of time to work on your craft. The good news, according to Dan: It get’s easier over time.