Here are five comics I made last January – May, in a series tentatively titled “Haunted”. They appeared in a local publication, but for one reason or another, I haven’t got around to posting them online ’til now. They say to be a successful artist you must be an adept self-promoter. I say Blah.

I hope you enjoy these sillies.


I didn’t even have to sleep with anyone for this comic. I’m kinda proud of myself actually.

There was experimentation involved though. For most my comics, everything is done digitally. But with this, I printed up the linework, put in on the light-table, covered it with a sheet of watercolor paper, and went to town with graphite, greyscale markers, and ink wash.



Then I scanned the tones and slipped them under the original line work. I feel it gives is a grungier, more handmade look. What do you think?



I haven’t done a sad, whiny, love comic in some time, and if there’s one occasion they’re allowed, it’s Valentines Day, right? They would put the Love holiday in the longest, most desolate month of the year, wouldn’t they, the bastards.


But I’m doing fine. Great, in fact. People on Tumblr liked this comic and it earned me some more followers, and tonight I’m having dinner with friends, and showing familial love in the meantime. Besides, it’s not like I always feel this way. The concept came quickly in a moment of passion, then passed, like all feelings do.

Wishing you a good V-Day.

PS: Added a few more faces to the gallery below…

Day Hike


I was probing my mind for something light-hearted and silly to draw when my friend, Ashley, alleviated my consternation by offering this jewel based on a hike we’d had.

What’s not shown is me threatening her with the Poo Stick. I can be such a boy.

Prepared for the Best


This comic may be a little premature — apparently winter doesn’t begin until December 21st. But for me, the year is composed of two meta-seasons: the Season of Action, and the Season of… I dunno… Slowness?

The comic above has actually been revised from the first version. Last year, my comics were an outlet to bemoan and emotionally purge. This winter, I refuse to be absorbed in discontent. For someone as blessed as I’ve been, complaining is, at the least, tawdry and tasteless.

Wishing you a happy and warm winter, dear readers.