Three Paintings

Summer busyness has reduced the frequency of blog updates, but I’m still drawing! There is a backlog of art to post, so I’ll start with these.




When sitting to draw with no purpose in mind, I just start doodling. When a scribble intrigues me, I’ll work it up to a more finished form. These were each finished in a single drawing session, averaging two hours. I’m guessing each reflects my mood during their creation.

Summertime Squeeze

Summertime is busy! Working, festivals, gardening, preparing and attending communal meals, socializing, occasionally having some glorious moments at the river… life has become so full, it’s nearly pushed out my art! Fairly frequently I have visions for little comics, but haven’t had chunks of time to materialize them. Instead, when I find myself with a spare hour to draw, I doodle.

Doodling is good. It’s the primordial chaos from which good things are born. Since I don’t have to think hard while doodling, it can be a relaxing process. It also allows me to experiment and grow my style. Since I haven’t been posting much lately, I thought I’d just show a bunch of random stuff I’ve been drawing, lack of cohesion be damned.

Summer is great, but winter ain’t bad either. :)

eyeball_action  soothsayer_fool  portrait  dudelesthe_king  the_envious_peasant  the_peasants_daughter  comic_cartoon_poses


Seducing the Muses


Seducing the Muses

you ignore my demands
taking orders from no one
like a scent on the breeze
I chase you though forests
finding only undergarments
strung upon Madrone branches
or peppering empty fields

from first steps to high school hallways

army barracks to hospital rooms
I’ve escaped cubicles
for you

don’t tell me those evening highways
trashed out city streets
meant nothing
beat-bopping with poets
in the back alley shutter house
god-dammit I’ve named mountains for you

makes me want to give up
stop eating
turn away horny women
makes me want to find peace

I will rise each morning
arms outstretched to the sun
wanting nothing

I will prepare a home for you
in case you come knocking