Future Unknown


A while back I was in Powell’s Books in Portland, and got to peruse their extensive children’s books section. I was astounded at the quality of some of these books, and couldn’t help but bring a few home.

No word from the agent I submit Neat Birds to, and I can only assume it was denied. It was unrealistic to expect that the first agency I queried would pick up my first manuscript. Many authors submit to dozens of agents and publishers before they get signed (IF they get signed).

So my options now are: continue pitching this script, self-publish, or move on to another project. While I think Neat Birds is fun and many kids and adults would enjoy it, I also know it doesn’t compete among the top tier of picture books, and I’m therefore hesitant to push it with all my hope-and-dream-energy.  Increasingly, I’m seeing Neat Birds as an valuable learning experience — a rung to help get me to that top tier of visual storytelling. That said, more could be learned, so I may work on it occasionally and eventually self-publish.future_unknownIn the short term, I’d like to finish a coloring book I’ve been drawing, with the hopes of unveiling it at Oregon Country Fair in July. With the warm weather comes my Season of Action, so art may take a back seat for a while, but I hope to continue drawing and updating the ‘ol blog when I can. Happy summer!

Meditation Time

Tomorrow I begin sitting my third 10-day silent mediation course. It’s extremely uncomfortable in all ways imaginable, but afterwards the sense of empowerment and peace make it all worth while. It’s sort of like pressing the reset button on your brain.


I’ll be there for the full moon, the equinox, and my birthday. Should be a powerful time. Wish me luck!