Incurable Seeker


I’m ready to embark on a new graphic novel, and the journey begins with a bus ride to Austin, my old hometown, the place the book concept was sparked. For the next ten days I’ll be researching and seeking inspiration in Texas, and since one of the themes of this book is homelessness, it means I’ve chosen to live like a vagrant during this trip. A friend encouraged me be authentic about it, so I’ve decided not to stay with friends nor bring any money or credit cards. Undoubtedly it’ll be challenging, but great things are rarely accomplished from the comfort of ones couch.

To me, this adventure is a sort of spiritual endeavor: trusting life to provide my sustenance and, more importantly on this short trip, the experience and insight I need at this time.



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New Thing



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Led By the Spirit


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Bird, Sailboat, Hotdog


This concept came to me last summer. Sadly, it’s still relevant.

Thankfully this will be the final comic in my forthcoming collection of pitiful break up comics, “Catharsis Comics.” Coming soon!

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This Dynamic


I’m going to have this tattooed on my face.

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Spring At Last


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The Strange Things I Do(odle)

I’m posting less than I did last winter, but it doesn’t mean I’m drawing less. It seems like the modern artist/illustrator/writer/cartoonist must regularly post free material in order to keep people interested, but also have projects going on behind the scenes that can somehow be sold in packaged form. Artists got to eat too! (The writer & cartoonist, Allie Brosh, once posted all her material online for free, but then took an almost two year hiatus while she gathered enough material for a book.)

The drawings below weren’t made as bait to keep people interested, nor as material for a book. They were drawn “just because”, and for that reason, may be the most “pure” of my work.

(Some can be clicked to enlarge… Hope you enjoy!)


cities_on_a_wave do-do-doodles






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I didn’t even have to sleep with anyone for this comic. I’m kinda proud of myself actually.

There was experimentation involved though. For most my comics, everything is done digitally. But with this, I printed up the linework, put in on the light-table, covered it with a sheet of watercolor paper, and went to town with graphite, greyscale markers, and ink wash.



Then I scanned the tones and slipped them under the original line work. I feel it gives is a grungier, more handmade look. What do you think?

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