I made this poster for my favorite anarchist-country-gypsy-punk band, but the venue refused to use it. Okay, sure: it’s tasteless. But is it really offensive? Is it provocative because the devil is triumphing over humanity’s tacit God? I don’t quite understand why this poster was banned, but I’m oddly pleased to have produced censored artwork.

Comics for Sale! (Finally!)


Comics and prints are now for sale in my new ONLINE SUPERMARKET!

Catharsis Comics is a collection of humorous and heartfelt comics relating to love, sex, and being single — including a chapter from my now defunked graphic novel!

BIRTH/DEATH poses the question: What if your strongest desire at the time of death determined your next life? Take a spin through time and space in this multi-life karmic adventure.

You can get both these nicely-printed comics for only $9, plus shipping.

There’s also my popular “Be the Love You Want to Find” print for only $3.

Not only are these enjoyable to look at, but they make nice gifts. Thank you for supporting my art!